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 world Music & Dance 


Connecting teens
to performing artists 

global connections, local programs



drums, percussion, music & dance


  • In-School / Out of School programming services based on AfroLatin traditions of music and dance. 

  • A talent development agency, representing local and international performing artists. 

  • We expand global horizons for students and give them all they need to learn and keep practicing, every day of the year

Hitting Encouraged!




how we do it


• teaching how to count

Rhythm around the world starts with toddlers who learn to count. It's part of human nature. 

• interactive performance

We bring the drums, the audio and the video to share with kids what music looks like in Cuba and Africa. They get to play along and find their own talent for instruments, singing and dancing. 

• local talent

We connect with local music teachers and students in band and orchestra to support community music programming. 

• global talent

We represent some of the leading performing artists in jazz and world music to come to the neighborhood for 2 day residencies.

why we do it

• Schools at their limit

Engagement and motivation of kids outside of school is essential. 

• culturally relevant arts

European music can easily include the AfroLatin traditions.

• youth empowerment

Increased skills and focus come easily with a music and rhtyhm practice.

• global connections

Communities around the world are finding a common voice and purpose through new cross-cultural music. 


Cuban community center .

Rumba is the community.

La rumba es la comunidad.

We begin with middle school age. 

Empezamos con la edad de escuela intermedia.

who we are


Bevan Suits, Director

 Many years experience designing science museums and environments for youth and public engagement, around the world. 

•  Student of AfroCuban percussion since 1989. Student of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Mike Spiro, Graham Lear and others. 

• Fluent in Spanish.

• Community activist and collaborator with Cuban, Hispanic, African American, Native American cultures

Rhonda J Cummings Bio pic.JPG

rhonda cummings, partner  

• Working with Mr. Suits on programming initiatives since 2020.

• National leader of E3C3 youth initiatives: Educate Equip Empower Communicate Collaborate Connect.

•  Nonprofit Scholarship Director representing hundreds of black professionals in education, the church, business, technology and finance.

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 6.48.21 PM.png

katherine mcvicker, partner

music works international 

• Promoting a culture of performance + education in communities. 

• Decades of experience representing some of the leading names in jazz and global music. 


rod deberry, technology partner

• Developer of A Focused Path, an innovative online village to support students pathway to success in school.


matt pickart, music education advisor

• Professional violinist, representing new innovations in classical music. 

• Co-Developer of international Clazz Festival, where classical musicians explore world music traditions.

• Prominent family of music educators in Beloit and Janesville, WI.


tracy silverman, featured artist in residence

"The greatest living exponent of the electric violin."    - BBC

• Leading global innovator in electric violin. 

• Featured soloist around the world in classical and crossover genres.

• Inventor of StrumBow violin method, so that classical musicians can find the groove.

local & global talent

MADISON'S Atimevu, led by
Djam Vivie, represents the Ghanaian tradition of kpanlogo, well known in SE Wisconsin schools for many years. 

Djam .jpeg

CHARANGA Agoza is another excellent Madison group, representing the charanga music style of Cuba. The group includes local schoolteachers.

CECILIO Negrón of Milwaukee has been working with local schools for many years. He represents some of the city's leading Latin jazz performers. 

BARRIO Dance of Madison provides cutting edge dance teachers for the students and families we serve. They cover not only salsa but just about any style you want!


JUAN Escovedo of Oakland represents two generations of the family whose name is synonymous with Latin music. His sister Sheila E worked with Prince. Uncle Coke, with Santana. Father Pete, Tito Puente, and everyone else! Their nonprofit Elevate Oakland is a JWC inspiration.


RISING star on the international jazz circuit is our friend Daymé Arocena of Cuba. To the new generation she promotes family values through rumba, the Cuban tradition that keeps communities thriving during hard times. 


WEEDIE Braimah is one of the world's leading djembefolas, or master of the djembe. He is American of Ghanaian descent, having grown up in E St Louis. He is a strong advocate of community education based on the drum. 


SEPTETO Santiaguero is one of Cuba's best known bands. JWC is coordinating with them on planning a 2023 US tour, starting in Madison.


KIKI  Valera of Seattle played the tres in his family's world famous band for many years in Cuba, La Familia Valera Miranda. 



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